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Originally born unto this world as Terror back in March 2002, Digital Retribution is a proudly Australian website devoted to all things horror, cult, and exploitation that strives to promote Australian films and filmmakers while sharing its questionable taste in ultra-violent smut-laden local and international offerings with the rest of the world.

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Mr Intolerance, Julian, Paul Ryan, Tristan Jones, David Michael Brown, Michael Helms, CJ, Captain Red Eye, Markus Zussner, Drexl, Michael McQueen, James Gillett, M. Walsh, Dr. Obrero, J.R. Gregory, Sam Bowron, Robert Winter, Michelle R., Lauren Monaghan, Andrew Gillies, Jared Phillps, Liam Ronan, Fin H., Sam Bowron, Mark Nichols, Rod Williams, Matt Moss

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Inside (└ l'intÚrieur) by MaxTheSilent
Red Christmas - new local horror by brett garten
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